Data Security

Data protection and its security is our priority

Data is stored in a virtual warehouse secured by the AES-256 algorithm (, where each key is regularly “encrypted” using a variable main key.

Security is provided by an asymmetric cipher and the password is encrypted with a public key (algorithm RSA; only a discreet import system running separately has a private key available for limited terms of import windows of data download.

All passwords are encrypted with a one-way cipher with a variable number of iterations through the TLS cryptographic protocol. This prevents even ‘brute force’ attempts by steal information (which would itself take upwards of 1000 years to crack).

We never send sensitive data via email.

What kind of technologies are used for downloading and displaying data?

All communication among servers is encrypted by 128 bit or 256 bit keys (which is determined by your browser) through TLS cryptographic protocol ( by default in version 1.2, where there’s a cyphering among end points (client to server or server to server).

No dangerous cryptographic protocols and algorithms are used (e.g.: no SSL 3.0, SHA-1, RC4).

We use these technologies: HSTS, DNS CAA, signature SHA-256, OCSP, CRL and more.

Independent review of our security: