Getting Started

Installing the Product Statistics

There are two possible ways how to install the Product Statistics plugin.

Login to your Vilkas administration and go to the upper menu: Statistics -> MonkeyData Product Statistics.  Click on the Install button and after installing the plugin just click on the Open app button.

Also, you can look for the plugin in the App Store. Find the Product Statistics and click on the Find out more and install it.

Set up your order statuses

This is a very important step you need to take to be able to get insights on what you really need. If you don’t set up your order statuses correctly, you will see data that you are not interested in.

Tick the order statuses that you want to see in your reports and that’s it. You can change your setting anytime.

Time period exploration

There’s a possibility to see the historical values so that you can check the performance over previous periods. You’ll find the date picker button at the top right corner.

Export your data for further usage

Do you want to export data to Microsoft Excel, or some other program? You can export your data for further exploration and use. Click the export button to download a .xlsx file. All data that’s currently visible in the table below will be exported.