Sorry, you cannot list resources

You do not have sufficient permissions to access the application or download the necessary resources. In your administration, check if the user generating the QR code has sufficient permissions, or generate the QR code as an administrator.

If you have logged in to the application and deleted the QR code while using the application, it is necessary to re-generate this code and keep it in the WooCommerce administration for as long as the application is used.

If the problem still persists, please contact your server administrator to check the server settings.

Authentication Error

User authentication failed. Make sure your generated QR code has sufficient read and write permissions.

Why does the API key need both read and write access?

Check if you did not delete the QR code. If so, please generate a new one and go through the onboarding again. If you still have trouble connecting, please contact our support.

Disabled API

Please enable the REST API in the WooCommerce settings.

SSL certificate issue

If you receive this message when connecting your online store, it means you do not have the SSL certificate set on your server or it is missing. To set up valid SSL with WooCommerce, please see this manual.

Connection Error

If you see this message when connecting your online store: “Can’t connect to your Store. Check your URL”, it means we couldn’t connect to your WooCommerce server. It might be caused by several reasons:

  • The URL must be valid and should not contain any unnecessary characters. Use the same one your customers would use, e.g. Don’t forget to change the permalinks in the settings (How to?).
  • You have a plugin installed that blocks the WooCommerce API or changes its structure. These plugins must be enabled for WooCommerce Order Alert to work properly.

No version of WooCommerce API is available

You have no version of the WooCommerce API available.

Please make sure you don’t have a plugin installed that can block these APIs, or contact your server administrator.

Why does the API key need both read and write access?

Our app uses webhooks to notify you about new or updated orders. To create the webhooks, we need the write access.

I’m still not able to log in. How can I reach you?

Please contact us at

Do Order Alert for WooCommerce’s prices include VAT?

Order Alert for WooCommerce app is designed to show prices exactly the way users see them in their webshop interface. Some webshops include VAT, others don’t.

How can I deactivate / delete my account?

Just easily log out of the app or delete the mobile app.

JSON error

JSON error appears when you use some 3rd part extension which modifies woo online store and our app is not able to connect to the API.

We can’t do anything about it. We only support regular woo stores (not modified ones).