Status Settings and Datepicker

Why do you need to setup order statuses?

Every order has its status for payment and for fulfillment. According to the store settings, the Payment Status shows the state of the order’s payment while the Fulfillment Status shows the stage of processing.

This is a very important step you need to take to be able to get insights on what you really need. If you don’t set up your order statuses correctly, you will see data that you are not interested in.

Tick the order statuses that you want to see in your reports and that’s it. You can change your setting anytime.

Learn how to use the smart datepicker

In reports, you can see historical data, so it’s very easy for you to check what results you have in the past and how you are doing now. You can select the time period of the displayed data in the upper right corner.

Add the most frequently used periods to your favorites

Just click on the star and add up to 3 predefined periods to the top panel. If you need to see a specific date range, choose it manually.

Check how to use the smart datepicker and setup your order statuses