Getting Started

Installing the Advanced Store Reports

You just need to login to your Ecwid administration and go to the left menu: Apps -> App Market.  Find the Advanced Store Reports and click on the icon. After installing the app, you’ll find it in the left panel under Reports section.

Working effectively with the reports

Store Summary may give you a clear oversight of the key online store metrics but what if you need to dig deeper?

With the Reports, it’s easy to get important and unique data about your sales over time, products, customers, locations, and much more. Just choose the report you are interested in and make educated business decisions based on the statistics.

The predefined dashboards help you optimize your online store simply by checking on all important store metrics. It’s up to you what area of your business you’re going to explore. You can choose from reports focused on SalesProductsCustomers, Countries and Cities, and Orders.

Advanced Store Reports? Pots of pure gold!

The detail of the selected report displays all the metrics that are relevant for you and your business. You can easily change the date range and track your store’s performance over time.

Important note: Don’t forget to set up your order statuses correctly, otherwise, you’ll see data that is not relevant for you.

If you get lost, you can always move the cursor of your mouse to the metrics and see helpful tips (mostly explaining what the specific metric means and what exactly is included in the resulting number).

And the best part? Online store data is downloaded every hour to give you the freshest updates. You won’t miss a thing!